Frequently Asked Questions

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We do offer several mixes that are kosher. Please see product packaging and look for the kosher symbol to confirm your mix is kosher.

No, Crock-Pot Seasoning Mixes contain no cholesterol.

Yes, the 8 seasoning mix varieties include: BBQ Pulled Pork Mix, Corned Beef Mix, Hearty Beef Stew Mix, Maple Sugar Ribs Mix, Pork Carnitas Mix, Savory Herb Chicken Mix, Savory Pot Roast Mix, Tavern Wings™ Mix.

The shelf life information is indicated by a best-by date (for example: Jan 21 2018), which is located on the back of each packet. The best-by date indicates the period in which the seasoning mix provides optimum flavor. We recommend the product be used by that date.

Please check your local grocery store or buy them online.