Frequently Asked Questions

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We do offer several mixes that are kosher. Please see product packaging and look for the kosher symbol to confirm your mix is kosher.

No, Crock-Pot Seasoning Mixes contain no cholesterol.

Yes, the 8 seasoning mix varieties include: BBQ Pulled Pork Mix, Corned Beef Mix, Hearty Beef Stew Mix, Maple Sugar Ribs Mix, Pork Carnitas Mix, Savory Herb Chicken Mix, Savory Pot Roast Mix, Tavern Wings™ Mix.

The shelf life information is indicated by a best-by date (for example: Jan 21 2018), which is located on the back of each packet. The best-by date indicates the period in which the seasoning mix provides optimum flavor. We recommend the product be used by that date.

Please check your local grocery store.